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Marián Weber


Marián, or "Mayo", as everybody calls him, is a tireless planning machine of various sometimes crazy photo projects. The word impossible is not in his vocabulary. If you have any kind of idea you find to daring just let him know and he will surely help. You will not regret it.


Richard Weber


Richard was firstly charmed by video production, but digital and film photography became an integral par of his work. He takes photography as a craft that must be constantly refined which needs to connect both technical and creative aspects. How long is he shooting he does not remember. Bad memory.

Katarína Farrell


Katarina is a young talented photographer from Bratislava with an excellent feeling for children and the communication with them. Her specialties are stylized studio and exterior photoshootings.

Adam Balogh


Adam is y young soul, open mind and talented creative. He is young but does not lack experience. Creativity and experiments just make him alive. In the studio he helps mostly with workshops, photoshootings, open day events and everything novel.

Henry Rollins


Henry is an important member of our team. His strong points include networking, welcoming clients and creating truly friendly atmosphere. In his spare time he likes to imitate sounds of roosters and enjoys occasional singing.



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